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Xdrift Probert
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XDRIFT Probert
XDrift Probert
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Xdrift Industries are an enthusiastic drift team, with Danny Probert behind the wheel not only on the track but behind the scenes in every area of the build. Danny’s mechanical and fabrication expertise have created a unique series of XD Falcons - purpose built for drifting. Danny works alongside dedicated mechanics, engineers, fellow drifters and family to create a unique mix of knowledge, enthusiasm and respect.


Since 2004 we have constantly developed the XD Falcon Chassis. Xdrift1 is a fairly standard vehicle in respects to suspension, steering and power plants. It has proved victorious in the TEDA Championships and is continuing its career in various Australian drift events. The vehicles successor, however, is on a different level.


Xdrift4 is in development and destined for both National and International competition. It would have been much easier to start this project with a Nissan or Toyota base - with off the shelf bolt in upgrades we could have a completed car within a week. We have chosen a completely different path with our 79 XD Falcon.




The front chassis in Xdrift4 has been extensively reworked to accommodate a Wisefab front knuckle and lock kit, the rear suspension is designed and manufactured in-house. In short, we have gone about this the hard way but the end result is a vehicle that stands out from the crowd, catches the public’s imagination and it gets people talking. We use readily available parts and have designed our cars to make repairs efficient and straightforward, maximising track time.


We have kept the build specifics offline to ensure maximum impact for our 2017-18 partners. You can visit our facebook page for updates: Xdrift Industries



















2016 Top End Drift Association Championship 1st Outright

2015 Top End Drift Association Championship 1st Outright

2014 Top End Drift Association Championship 1st Outright

2013 Top End Drift Association Championship 2nd Outright

2011 Top End Drift Association Championship 2nd Outright

2008 QLD Drift State Championship overall position 12th, two Top  8 finishes from a field of 70 cars, qualified 13th, 9th and 5th for the rounds attended, overall Champion position 12th

2004-2007 5 podiums Top End Drift Association Championship


Battle win/loss ratio 3.35:1        Total Battle wins 38  

Podiums 14                                  Total Mechanical DNF's 2     

Times into the wall 3                   Car to car Impact 2

XDrift DWP
KDS Photographics Xdrift
Xdrift Industries
Xdrift Industries
Xdrift Industries
Xdrift Industries
Xdrift Industries


Danny Probert began drifting in 2004 in Darwin, NT.  Proudly drifting an old Australian muscle car in a heavily dominated Japanese field, Danny’s passion for precision and sustainability has proved advantageous, with podium finishes in the TEDA Championships since 2011.  As the owner and operator of Darwin Auto Mobile Care, Danny has a unique advantage in the drift scene. Operating since 1998, Darwin Auto Mobile Care, offers technical solutions and support to the ever increasing Darwin drift community.


Danny Probert

Larissa Probert   

Joshua Bone   

Kaya Rubin

Leo Jian

Ryan Hoare

Matt Cavanagh 

Brad Stott 

Ashton Probert   

Crystal Probert   

Terry Probert    

Andrew Pearce   

Uncle Ray Rogers    



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Pit Crew

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