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Mustang IRS Update

The team have made some good progress, excited to share a little of our next project 🔥🔥

Understanding the differences between the early falcon and mustang floors is an essential step towards the final objective of offering IRS solutions to a wide model range.

We removed the handbrake cable brackets from a Dynacorn floor we acquired locally, first job was to fab up the crush tube brackets that will be used to bolt the subframe structure to the chassis.

The front tube has been drawn up ready to be bent and notched, looking forward to setting up the suspension with the coil over mounting inside the subframe to make the installation a truly a bolt in solution.

So our next project is 💯 old school mustang, the floor came along at the perfect time, we have never thought of building from the floor up but now looks like a realistic option.

We learnt with the trial fit of the V1 subframe to the XE we need to run a shorter spindle for a lower mounting point for the upper control arm, with some luck the Mustang project will help tie this all together.

Thanks for your interest. 🤙

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