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What is a Monomorium destructor and why are we posting about the humble Singapore ant?

In the build up these creative critters look for dry high ground, this time of year we field many call outs that require the removal of Singapore ants from the electrical components in modern vehicles. The Singapore ant navigates with magnetic fields. Electrical relays and switches prove a great nesting environment, they are warm with a strong magnetic field and offer great from predators.

When you reach for the ignition and turn the key you will often crush one of these remarkably persistent critters between the contacts in one or more of the affected relays, and in turn immobilize your vehicle.

The easiest way to avoid a Monomorium destructor invasion is to use a surface spray such as Mortein or Baygon to protect your engine bay and interior fuse boxes. Parking on concrete and making sure your vehicle is not parked against palm ferns or greenery will reduce the chance of breakdown even further.

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