Mustang Project V3 part 1

We have thrown together an in-depth YouTube vid for those interested in the technical side of the fabrication and assembly of the V3 rear subframe for the Mustang project. Anyone with an X-Series Falcon or early Mustang, we would love to know what ride height and track width you consider ideal, we would love your feed back, ideally ride height to be measured from the sill panel to the floor. Thanks for your interest 👌

Mustang project update

We have focused on a new upright over the last weeks, using the current mustang wheel bearing hub and brakes we sketched out the key points and set about fabricating our first prototype. Later down the track we will look at a billet or possibly cast aluminium upright but for now steel gives us flexibility to make running changes. The upper pivot for the upright has been dropped 50mm so we can mount the inner upper control arms lower on the subframe to give greater chassis clearance with less angle to make the upper arm as strong as possible. The lower section of the subframe has been drawn up ready to be bent and notched. Thanks for reading 👍

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